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 Frequently Asked Question for Ordering Hawaiian Jewelry

Q: Do you have a jewelry catalog available?
A: We do not have a Hawaiian jewelry catalog available.   With well over 500 products online with our FREE shipping, secure online ordering and toll free fax order line we recommend you shop at our website for the best selection and fast service.
Q: How do I order Hawaiian jewelry?
A: Use our convenient shopping cart or manually complete our secure online order form.  If you feel uncomfortable ordering online you can use our postal mail/Fax order forms and mail or fax your order.  We offer a toll free fax number. With secure online orders we will always send a confirmation email to let you know your order is being processed. For more ordering information and order form please CLICK HERE
Q: How long does it take to receive my jewelry?
A: We have a 5 day processing time which means that once your order is received we will ship within 5 days.  It takes another 4-5 days to reach the U.S. mainland.  International orders 5-10 days. If you need your jewelry fast then choose our Express Mail option on the order form (2-3 days shipping time).
Q: For custom rings, pendants and bracelet what is the difference between "ENAMEL" and "ENGRAVED" lettering?
A: For the custom jewelry your name/initial can be enameled or engraved on the outside of the ring.  "Enamel" lettering is colored lettering (usually black) on the outside of the ring.  With "engraved" lettering, each letter is engraved on the outside of the jewelry.
Q: I see that you sell 14K gold and Sterling Silver.  Do you offer 18k gold, white gold or platinum?
A: We do not offer any 18k or Platinum jewelry.  Our custom (your name on the jewelry) rings, bracelets and pendants are available in Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow and 14k White Gold.
Q: For my custom ring, pendant or bracelet order I want to have my name in Hawaiian.  Where can I find it?
A: We engrave the name exactly as it appears on the order form so if you would like your Hawaiian name then enter the Hawaiian name on the order form.  To Find your Hawaiian name CLICK HERE
Q: I have piece of Hawaiian jewelry that needs to be re-sized or re-enameled.   Do you do repairs even if the jewelry was made by a different company?
A: We only offer re-enameling for our jewelry which is covered under our warranty.
Q: For custom rings, pendants and bracelets, I would like to engrave a free message on the INSIDE/BACKSIDE of the jewelry.  How many letters/spaces can I put on the inside jewelry?
A: Rings: up to 20 letters/spaces
  Pendants: up to 12 letters/spaces
Bracelets: up to 30 letters/spaces
Q: For custom rings, pendants and bracelets, how many letters/spaces can I engrave or enamel on the OUTSIDE of the jewelry?
A: Rings: up to 9 letters/spaces
  Pendants: up to 12 letters/spaces
  Bracelets: up to 20 letters/spaces
Q: What are your designs for the custom ring and bracelets and where do I enter that information on the order form?
A:  If you are completing the manual order form please put your design request in the Comments section.
Q: Is there a refund or return policy?
A: We have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all our jewelry.  ZG Hawaii will not be responsible for jewelry items that were ordered in the wrong size or custom jewelry orders (your name engraved or enameled on jewelry). Customized jewelry have been personalized according to your specification are not returnable  For more information on this please click HERE.
Q: Can I telephone in my order?
A: No, to insure we do not make a mistake on your order we require that you fill out a order form. 
Q: I have a custom Hawaiian ring and custom heirloom bracelet that does not fit.  Can you re-size it for me?
A: We only offer re-enameling for our jewelry which is covered under our warranty.  Contact Designs N Gold Hawaiian Jewelry Repair for jewelry re-sizing and repair services
Q: What is the Millimeter equivalent to inches?
A: 1mm = 0.0394 inches. Take the millimeter size and multiply it by 0.0394 inches. Example:8mm is about 0.31 inches.
Q: How do I size myself for a custom bracelet?
1) Get yourself a measuring tape to measure your hand.
2) Squeeze your hand together TIGHT
3) Measure the widest part of the hand
The average size is about 7.5 - 8.0"
Q: How do I size myself for a ring?
A: Simply stop by any jewelry or large department store in your hometown and they will measure your finger size for free.
Q: I need a size 14.5 for my ring but I see that the ordering page only goes up to size 13?
A: Simply order the size 13 and in the Comments section put "Make my ring 14.5"  We will add any extra charges.
Q: Do you have a retail store?  I will be visiting Hawaii and want to stop by.
A: No, we are Hawaiian heirloom jewelry manufactures and have a factory in Honolulu but no retail store.  In fact we make most of the jewelry for the large retail jewelry stores here in the islands. Save time and money and buy factory direct.
Q: Do you have a gift card you can enclose with my jewelry?
A: Yes, we have a nice Hawaiian gift card shaped like an aloha shirt that we can enclose with your order for an additional $3.00.
Q: I see you have over 50 Hawaiian CZ rings. Can I order a CZ ring and replace the CZ with my diamond?
A: Yes.  Order a CZ ring with the same caret size as your diamond, and your local jeweler will be able to set it for you.
Q: For your custom rings, pendants and bangle bracelets, what weight and thickness is the 14k gold and sterling silver?
A:  All our 14k yellow gold custom jewelry is made from 1.5 mm bar. (heavy weight 1.75 mm available for additional charge)
  All our 14k white gold custom jewelry is made from 1.7 mm bar. (heavy weight 1.75 mm is available for an additional charge)
  All our Sterling Sterling silver custom jewelry is made from 2.0 mm bar
Q: For your custom rings, pendants and bangle bracelets, what does the lettering look like?
Q:  Do you really offer free shipping and what about sales tax?
A: Free USPS Priority Mail shipping on all U.S. orders over $50.00 and there is never any sales tax (we pay the sales tax for Hawaii orders).
Q: The ring sizing is different in my country.  How can find my correct U.S. ring size?
A: CLICK HERE to see our ring sizing comparison chart for other countries
Q: LAYAWAY? I want to do layaway...do you offer that?
A: I am sorry we do not offer a layaway program for our jewelry
Q: Hey I am in the Military and have a APO shipping address.  Can I get in on that Free Shipping over $50.00 thing?
A: If you have a USPS zip code then yes APO and U.S. Territories including, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan and American Samoa are considered domestic shipping so you do not need to pay for international shipping.
Q: I want to pay with PAYPAL but I only see you you accept credit cards when I am checking out.  Can I pay with Paypal?
A: If you would like to pay with Paypal simply email us with what you would like to order along with your shipping address and we will send you a Paypal invoice within 24 hours.
Q: I read your SECURITY page and understand that you use a Secure Server when collecting my credit card information but I am still a little nervous about placing my order online...any other options?
A: We have a fax order form that you can print out (Click Here) and fax your order using our toll-free fax line.  You can also simply email us with what you would like to order along with your shipping address and we can call you to obtain your credit card information.
Q: Ok, I just read all the FAQ's and you didn't answer my question.  How can I contact you?
A: Visit our contact page HERE

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