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Body Mint
The Original Total-Body Deodorant

Body Mint was originally created for the people here in Hawaii to suit our outdoor/active lifestyles, "barefoot" culture and the year-round tropical heat and humidity.  Body Mint is now a popular staple in Hawaii and is quickly becoming a much sought after product for others around the world.

Taken daily, Body Mint can work all day to help reduce or eliminate body odors including breath, underarm and foot odor.  Results noticeable for most in 2 - 4 days.

The active ingredient in Body Mint is "chlorophyllin", a special derivative of chlorophyll, a natural derivative of green plants.  Body Mint does not contain herbs, animal products, preservatives, colorings or artificial ingredients.

Recommended Use: One tablet in the morning and one in the evening.  Take a third tablet during the mid-day if necessary.  May be taken with or without food.   Please keep tightly closed in cool, dry place.

60 Tablets

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