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HAWAII DVDs, Videos and Calendars

Quality Hawaiian DVDs and Videos with free shipping available

2013 Merrie Monarch Festival DVD
Order Number: MMF2012

DVD Set - Entire Festival!!

2012 Merrie Monarch Festival DVD
Order Number: MMF2012

DVD Set - Entire Festival!!

2011 Merrie Monarch Festival DVD
Order Number: MMF2011

DVD Set - Entire Festival!!


2010 Merrie Monarch Festival DVD
Order Number: MMF2010

DVD Set - Entire Festival!!


Hula for Children DVD

Order Number: HV-1002
Children can learn to do the Hula!

Hula for Everyone DVD
Order Number: HV-1007
Easy step by step instructions for the Hula!

The Junior Lifeguard Movie DVD
Order Number: HU-70
Learn rescue and lifesaving skills in this fun animated movie!

Remember Pearl Harbor Video

Remember Pearl Harbor

The most comprehensive video documentary

Keiki Calabash DVD
Order Number: HV-1012
Live action sing along children's video!

Dances of Tahiti for Children
Order Number: 02710
Complete Tahitian Dance Lesson
Dances of Tahiti for Everyone

Basic Steps & Dance Routines


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