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Hula for Children
Hula for Children - 25 min DVD
 With a background of breathtaking Hawaiian scenery, ukulele music and a beautiful hula instructor, your child can learn to do the hula! This instructional dance video teaches in easy, step-by-step lessons, with a skilled hula instructor who smiles and encourages directly into the camera to your child. Each step is taught with music, which conditions your child to feel rhythm. Taina Passmore is your hula instructor and has had years of experience as a dancer, choreographer, and singer.   DVD 25 min.

The songs: LEVEL 1: Kaholo-Hula by Les Fernandez is especially written to teach the first two basic hula steps. The words are very easy to sing and dance to, plus this is FUN!

LEVEL 2: Pearly Shells This is one of the first island songs that young children in Hawaii learn.

LEVEL 3: Hukilau This song offers a variety of hand motions to enrich the dance, such as fishing and pulling in a fish net.

Available in DVD only.

Order Number: HV-1002
Price: $24.95


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