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2013 50th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival Hula Competition DVD - FREE SHIPPING!
Experience the artistry and traditions of the 50th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival with this commemorative 4-disc DVD set. From powerful hula kahiko to mesmerizing hula auana, this collection captures the sights, sounds and emotions of the world's premier hula competition. FEATURING: 29 hula kahiko and 29 hula auana performances 24 performances by12 Miss Aloha Hula contestants Alternate Hawaiian language audio track Behind-the-scenes extras and interviews Commentary on each hula performance The Merrie Monarch Festival honors King David Kalakaua, who is credited with reviving native Hawaiian culture, hula and chant in the nineteenth century. He is respectfully called "The Merrie Monarch" because of his love for Hawaiian music, art and hula. Crowds from across the world gather in Hilo, Hawaii at this annual event showcasing hula at its finest. (Approximate run time: 11 hours 55 minutes)
Order Number: 2013MMF
Price: $49.95
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