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Dances of Tahiti for Children - 57 min DVD
Tahitian dance is the most exciting and popular of all Polynesian dances. it is the original dance of grass skirts swishing to the rapid rhythm of drums. Imagine learning the south sea dance of paradise with breathtaking island scenery, drums beating, and ukulele playing. This is a FUN instructional video for the boy and girl dancer. Now anyone can learn how to dance Tahitian, the "Ori Tahiti" in these easy step-by-step lessons.

What You Will Learn:
  • The two main types of Tahitian dance the "Ote'a" and the "Aparima"
  • Authentic basic steps - 4 male basic steps & 4 female basic steps
  • 3 Tahitian dance routines
  • Essential information on costuming, instrumentation & dance competition

    Special Instructional Features:
  • Each song is taught by a phrase or drum pattern that has been slowed down for learning purposes. At the end of the lesson, evryone will be dancing at the performance speed.
  • "Mirror-image" used in all lessons allowing the dancer to follow each lesson in a mirror-like fashion.

    Total Run Time: 57 minutes.
  • Order Number: 02710
    Price: $27.95


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