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Dances of Tahiti for Everyone - 120 min DVD

Tahitian Dance is the most exciting and popular of all Polynesian dances. In recent years more and more people are realizing that the original dance of grass skirts swishing to the rapid rhythm of drums is the Tahitian dance instead of the hula!

This is a FUN instructional video for the male and female dancer. Now anyone can learn how to dance Tahitian, the "Ori Tahiti", in these easy step-by-step lessons. Mirror-imaging concept is used in this DVD. The student will be learning by following the movements of the instructor as if looking into a mirror. Each step is taught with music which conditions the student to feel rhythm. The lessons progress from simple movements to those of increased difficulty. Dances of Tahiti features two main types of dances that every dancer should know; Aparima: story telling by music and lyrics; and Ote'a: dance expressions by rhythmic drum beating.

Dances of Tahiti For Everyone is the complete and comprehensive Tahitian dance video for the adult which ranges from a novice to a professional. It also includes the entire version of Dances of Tahiti for Children listed directly above.

120 mins. (2007) Available in DVD only

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