The Daily Salad Antioxidant Supplement 60 Tablets The Good Smell Company from Maui, Hawaii


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The Daily Salad Supplement 60 Tablets The Good Smell Company

Daily Salad - 60 Tablets

Antioxidant benefits of dark, leafy greens in the convenience of a pill. Daily Salad supports your health by providing daily antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and maintain cell integrity. Our antioxidant formula is derived from green tea extract, Spirulina and the Noni fruit; a powerful super-food popular in Hawaii for it's health benefits.

Daily Salad also contains our proprietary Body Mint chlorophyllin blend for healthy and reliable breath, body and foot odor protection.

The ideal hygiene solution to ease potential health concerns and allowing you to live a confident, vibrant and full life

Helps to neutralize free radicals & maintain cell integrity

Green Tea Extract, Spirulina & Noni Fruit

Breath, Body & Foot odor protection


Paraben FREE

Ingredients: Chlorophyllin (Sodium-Copper), Dicalcium Phosphate, Cellulose and Plant-Based Stearic Acid.

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